Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Monitoring

In terms of Dynamic Monitoring and Characterization of Structures, the following main areas of activity are within the scope of services offered:

• Analysis and identification of dynamic properties of structural systems
• Finite element modeling and updating of large Civil Engineering structures
• Numerical and experimental assessment of traffic induced vibrations
• Aeroelastic analysis of slender structures
• Long term monitoring of the dynamic structural behaviour
• Vibration based damage detection
• Passive, active and semi-active control of vibrations


Special attention is given to the study of dynamic problems in bridges and special structures, such as:

• Dynamic behaviour of cable-stayed and suspension bridges • Modal parameter identification based on forced vibration, ambient vibration and free vibration tests
• Evaluation and control of dynamic effects of traffic loads in railway and roadway bridges
• Analysis of fatigue
• Buffeting and aeroelastic instability analysis of long span bridges
• Design and tuning of vibration control devices in footbridges and cable structures
• Construction and long-term monitoring of bridges, dams and special structures
• Dynamic analysis of large stadia and cable roofs
• Soil propagation of vibrations induced by railway or roadway traffic